Winter Break: Tips For Teens

Do you have teenagers rummaging through your refrigerator on a regular basis? If so, you are likely already prepared to deal with big appetites and wandering forks headed toward the desserts and goodies in your kitchen this holiday season. What you may not feel so certain about is keeping your teens’ oral health in its best condition over winter break. Fortunately, we have some helpful suggestions for you this winter, including everything from daily care to scheduling wisdom teeth removal.

Enact A Brush-Then-Rinse Routine

Are your teens still most excited about the sweeter side of the holidays? If so, there’s an easy routine change that you can enforce with teens (though it can be more difficult with younger children). This is a good tip for you, as well: After indulging in staining food, sugary food, or anything that does not resemble good-for-your-smile dairy or veggies, you should immediately rinse your mouth with water. Then, you should brush after approximately 30 minutes to keep your smile safe.

Speak With Your Teens

Ask your kids about how their smiles are feeling. If you receive complaints about toothaches when they bite down, particularly into hot or cold foods or something sugary, it might be time for a visit to your general dentist for restorative care. If you have not yet seen us to discuss wisdom teeth removal and your children are in their late teens, there’s no time like the present.

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal

Have we recently spoken with you about your child’s need for wisdom teeth extractions? Have your teen’s wisdom teeth grown in but they are proving difficult to care for? Contact us immediately, so we can do our best to schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal over the winter break, while school is out.


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