Q&A: Periodontal Problems And Implants

Are you currently struggling with periodontal disease? Have you lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) as a result of this oral illness? If so, you may find yourself with a long list of questions about repairing your mouth once your gum disease is under control. Fortunately, we are ready to address your many inquiries about replacing teeth with dental implants if your tooth loss is associated with periodontal damage. Consider some common questions and answers to get started – for detailed, personalized care, schedule a consultation today.

Questions and Answers: Periodontal Disease and Implants

Question: If I lose a tooth as the result of periodontal disease, is a dental implant a suitable tooth replacement option for me?

Answer: Yes, replacing your tooth with an implant will restore both your roots and the part of your tooth that is visible above your gumline (once the implant is restored).

Question: How will I know if I qualify for dental implants? I have heard that periodontal disease can destroy jawbone tissue, which could render me unable to receive this tooth replacement option.

Answer: Once your periodontal disease is under control, we will need to examine your smile to determine the extent of the damage. It is true that we can only place an implant if your jawbone is healthy enough and full enough – we can verify these facts with an exam that includes digital X-rays.

Question: So, what happens if my periodontal disease has significantly damaged my jawbone? Will I just have to choose a different prosthetic?

Answer: We may be able to rescue your jawbone by rebuilding it with bone grafting. If successful, grafting will restore your jaw tissue as well as your candidacy for dental implants. 


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