Information on Adult Tooth Loss

We know why children lose their teeth, and we consider that a happy and expected part of growing up. When an adult loses a tooth however, it is a more serious matter. In some cases, usually in young adults, there might be a planned extraction for wisdom teeth in Santa Rosa, CA, which does not generally require a restorative procedure. However, there are other situations that may leave you facing tooth loss as an adult, and there are implant restorations that can bring your smile back, and in some cases even improve it.

Tooth Loss Through Trauma

There are any number of reasons a tooth can be knocked loose or completely knocked out. Some of these can be forestalled by wearing a mouthguard when physical contact might be likely, but no one can anticipate the unexpected. We’d like you to be thoughtful in your daily activities, but if life happens and you receive an oral injury, there are ways to restore your smile.

Planned Extraction of an Unhealthy Tooth

Sometimes a tooth becomes infected by a cavity, or cracked beyond repair. If we can catch issues while they are small, then there are procedures such as dental fillings or placing a crown on a weakened tooth, to preserve them. But when a tooth is beyond saving, it will be to the benefit of your overall health, and to your comfort when you eat and chew, to remove it. Rather than leave a gap in your smile, you may consider one or more dental implants to fill in for the missing tooth.

Restorative Options Exist

Dental implants make it possible to restore a smile in a secure and permanent manner. When a tooth is missing and needs to be replaced, your trusted oral surgeon can make you comfortable, and then place one or more implant posts into your jaw. Once the site has healed, a carefully crafted replacement tooth is placed on the post, to complete the procedure.

Adult Tooth Loss Doesn’t Have To Mean the End of Your Smile

Do you have questions about adult tooth loss, or have you been recommended for a planned extraction? Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.