Complications Of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

So, you figure your wisdom teeth will grow in just fine, that it’s an old wives’ tale that they require removal, and you have decided to just let them do their thing. For some, this will be perfectly fine. Some third molars grow in without a problem (some people don’t even have them). However, if you have problematic teeth that are growing in poorly, that develop on an angle, or that become impacted, you may end up finding that your initial decision to play it cool becomes interrupted by serious complications. Let’s examine the details.

How To Find Out If You Need Removal

There’s nothing difficult or mysterious you need to do on your own to figure out if you need your wisdom teeth removed. In fact, you don’t need to wait until something is wrong to find out that an extraction can help. All it takes is keeping up with your general dental care (preventive visits) and coming to see us if your dentist suggests it (or if you simply think a visit is a good plan). Through the use of digital imaging, a discussion, and a thorough exam, we can determine ahead of time whether it’s going to be important to remove your third molars to protect your smile.

What Happens If You Avoid Removal

For the rebel in you who thinks that the suggestion for wisdom teeth removal might not be something to pay attention to, we have some helpful details. When a tooth is a problem, it threatens your oral health in some way. When it comes to third molars, the following complications are very possible:

  • If the tooth comes in but is hard for you to reach and care for, you may end up with issues like tooth decay
  • If the tooth comes in partially but is on an odd angle, it can damage the already erupted teeth in your smile, leading to injury and alignment concerns
  • If the tooth fails to erupt, you may deal with significant discomfort and even the development of cysts or infection


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