Why Your Front Teeth Don’t Touch (And What To Do)

If you have gone through life with back teeth that touch but front teeth that cannot come in contact with one another, you may be dealing with a malocclusion known as an open bite. The severity of the opening between your top and bottom anterior teeth can vary. As a result, you may find that when you inquire about what to do, your general dentist recommends you seek out an oral surgeon who performs orthognathic surgery. To find out more regarding what’s going on with your smile and how to approach making improvements, we strongly encourage you to come to our practice, so we can meet you, examine your smile, and help you achieve a balanced bite.

About Your Open Bite

The term open bite refers to a bite in which back teeth touch but front teeth on top and bottom are positioned outward in such a way that they do not touch one another. This can result in a variety of side effects, such as damaging the esthetic quality of your smile, affecting your daily quality of life, and placing excess stress on back teeth and jaw joints. In some instances, open bite is treatable with orthodontic care. If you are dealing with skeletal open bite, however, you may require orthognathic surgery.

We Offer Surgery

Our team of oral surgeons perform orthognathic surgery (or jaw surgery) to correct the alignment of your teeth and jaws, which will result in a balanced bite, improved quality of life, and an improved profile and cosmetic balance to your smile. Call us to schedule a consultation, so we can provide you with a more thorough outlook on how surgery can help.


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