Extractions: 3 Reasons To Feel Confident

When patients learn they require an extraction, we often find that this suggestion over all others causes extensive worry. Rather than fixing the tooth, we will remove the tooth from your smile. This brings to mind a medley of questions, such as, “Will I be left with an open space in my smile?” Allow us to address common concerns, so you feel confident about resolving your oral health problem with a tooth extraction.

Reason #1: We Offer Sedation

A powerful reason to feel confident about a tooth extraction is the following fact: It will be comfortable. First, your treatment will begin with the administration of local anesthetic to numb the tissues at the removal site. For patients requiring additional numbing or who simply feel nervous about the procedure, we offer a variety of sedation options, such as nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

Reason #2: We’re Removing The Problem

Feel good about your tooth extraction – it is saving your oral health! Recognize that the reason we remove a tooth is because it is the source of a problem affecting your smile. When a tooth’s health is unsalvageable, leaving it in place may mean the spread of infection, physical injury to other teeth, the formation of cysts, the encouragement of decay or inflammation, and many more complications. Remove the problem and you are on the road toward a healthy smile.

Reason #3: You Can Replace An Extracted Tooth

Aside from wisdom teeth (which you do not need), we can replace missing teeth. You can rest assured that your tooth extraction will include a plan to replace the removed tooth. We offer beautiful dental implants, so you may look forward to a full tooth replacement.


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