Why You Should Choose Implants ASAP

As you make your way through the variety of dental prosthetic options to address tooth loss, you may feel that you have all the time in the world. When it comes to choosing dental implants to replace lost teeth, however, reaping the full wealth of benefits is often dependent on time. We suggest moving forward with implants as soon as you are comfortable. For a clearer perspective, consider a few reasons we recommend you act with such urgency.

To Protect Your Jaw

The roots of your teeth provide your jawbone with necessary stimulation when you chew or place pressure on your teeth. The stimulation ensures that your jawbone receives essential nutrients on a consistent basis, which keeps your jaw health in excellent shape. When this process halts due to tooth loss, so do the nutrients, and your jawbone may quickly deteriorate. Dental implants will replace your roots and restore this process. The sooner you receive implants, the easier it is to maintain jaw volume and density.

To Avoid Premature Aging

About that jawbone deterioration – as your jaw tissue is resorbed, your jaw physically shrinks. This can lead to facial collapse as the lower structure of your face decreases in size. As a result, you may appear much older than your actual age. Placing dental implants as soon as possible will prevent the occurrence of this type of premature aging.

To Save Your Smile

Did you know that your current smile will eventually shift into a different alignment if you ignore your tooth loss? Your teeth will move, making their way in the direction of the opening where your teeth once stood. Choosing to replace teeth – such as with dental implants – will fill the opening. The result? Your alignment will remain safe.


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