Why Invest In Dental Implants?

As you have likely heard from friends and loved ones – and possibly even read about online – dental implants require a greater upfront investment than other tooth replacement solutions. While a large initial price on the treatment to address your tooth loss might cause you a bit of sticker shock, it’s very important that you don’t regard implants as “extremely expensive” or a luxury item. Allow us to explain why the investment is worthwhile and how the price tag is actually in line with most alternative prosthetic solutions.

For Convenience and Comfort

First, keep in mind that you are investing in a tooth replacement solution that provides you the utmost in convenience and comfort. You will enjoy stability that runs a close second to natural teeth. Your implant is solidly bound to your jawbone tissue, which means you can eat and speak effortlessly. You will care for your smile as though it is full of natural teeth. You will also quickly regain the quality of life you enjoyed before your tooth loss – though it may become even better.

They Are Cost-Effective Over Time

Take on a new perspective when you are deciding why you should invest in dental implants. Dentures and bridges will require repairs and may need to be replaced (which will require additional investments over the years). These prosthetics do not protect your jaw health, which means your jaw will slowly deteriorate over time, leading toward issues like facial collapse. Implants often last a lifetime – only their restorations may occasionally require a repair. As a result, the investment you make will comprise most of the cost. In the end, when you compare the money spent over time on each tooth replacement solution, dental implants are extremely cost-effective.


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