Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon: Part One

Once you know you need restorative oral surgery, it becomes important to consult with your surgeon about the procedure. You will also need clear directions about how to care for your smile after the procedure, and moving forward, in order to maintain great oral health. Understanding any steps you may need to take prior to the appointment can also help make the entire day of surgery go much smoother, and be less stressful for you and your loved ones. To have a productive consultation, though, it can be helpful to know just what to ask your oral surgeon. That way you can arrive at your procedure confident, and knowing that your smile will be well taken care of.

Important Questions to Review with Your Oral Surgeon

In order to best prepare for your oral surgery, it is crucial to first have a detailed consultation with your surgeon. If you’re unsure what to discuss, here are a few detailed questions to consider:

How long will swelling last? This is dependent on the surgery you are undergoing, as well as your general health. It’s important that the surgeon help provide you with personalized and realistic expectations for a recovery timeframe.

What should I eat after my operation? Most patients undergoing any form of oral surgery, from a wisdom tooth extraction to a sinus lift, will want to eat soft foods and liquids for several days after the procedure to ensure their own comfort. But your surgeon can provide a more specific outline of what is best to eat post-op.

Can I continue brushing my teeth? Regular dental hygiene is obviously important. After most procedures you can and should be able to resume regular brushing quite quickly. The surgeon can provide a more detailed timeline based on the scope of your procedure.


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