3 Reasons Implants Are Reliable

If you are thinking about selecting dental implants for your smile, you might be weighing the pros and cons of implants against other prosthetic solutions for tooth loss. When it comes to reliability, implants have a leg up when compared with other potential tooth replacement choices. Curious about what makes them such strong contenders? We encourage you to become familiar with a few reasons an implant is considered a steadfast option for replacing your tooth and completing your grin.

Reason #1: They Are Biocompatible

A dental implant is biocompatible. This means that it will not cause any damage or harm to your natural tissues. Why is this so important? Aren’t other treatments biocompatible, too? Yes, they are. However, implants are the only tooth replacement devices surgically placed in an effort to replace your roots – the good news is that your body will not reject them. So – they are safe and extremely stable.

Reason #2: They Bond With Your Jawbone

Let’s talk a bit more about stability. Most tooth replacements will rest either on the crowns of your remaining teeth or against your gums. As a result, they will allow you to eat and speak but they may require replacement or they may not offer the stability you desire. Dental implants, however, bond with your jawbone tissue thanks to a process called “osseointegration.” This fusion means the implant essentially becomes a part of your jawbone, offering strength, stability, and reliability you cannot achieve elsewhere.

Reason #3: They Protect Your Jaw Tissue

Again, because the dental implants sit within your jaw tissue and act as a substitute for your roots, they will protect your jawbone from deteriorating (by replacing root stimulation that keeps jaw tissue alive and well). As a result, your smile will remain preserved without misalignment or loss of jaw structure. 


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