Q&A: When Permanent Teeth Fail To Develop

Did you know that some patients require dental prosthetics not because of tooth loss – but because a permanent tooth simply never developed? If you’re a patient dealing with this particular issue then you are already aware that this is a concern, which may result in a challenging dental experience. The good news? Whether you or your child is currently in need of a tooth, we offer dental implants to complete smiles with open spaces. Curious if implants will work for your particular needs? Schedule a consultation with us, so we may examine your smile and discuss your options. In the meantime, you can begin learning a bit more with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers About Absent Teeth

Question: Why do permanent teeth sometimes fail to develop?

Answer: This is a problem called congenital absence or hypodontia, which occurs when permanent teeth – often incisors, premolars, and first molars – do not develop. The exact cause is still unknown, though it is thought that genetics play a role.

Question: What can I do about achieving a complete smile?

Answer: A wonderful option for achieving a tooth where one never developed is with the use of dental implants. An implant will replace your absent tooth roots. After recovery, the implant post will support a beautiful, custom-designed dental crown. Implants and crowns provide the prosthetic option that most closely replicates a full natural tooth.

Question: How do I know if I qualify (or if my child qualifies) for dental implants?

Answer: It is as simple as visiting us for a dental implant consultation. We will speak with you, look at your smile, and rely on the details provided to us by digital X-rays. Keep in mind that for the most part, the minimum age for implant placement is 18. If your child is too young, we will explore other options while your son or daughter’s oral structures finish developing.


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