3 Reasons To Keep Your Phone Close

Do you tend to have your smart phone on you at all times (often much to the chagrin of friends and family)? Perhaps even you feel a bit uncertain about your growing attachment to this device. While it might not be polite to keep it out at the dinner table, keeping your technology within reach as often as possible might actually provide you with some surprising oral health benefits. Learn how these ever-popular, mini computers can offer indisputable advantages for your smile.

Reason #1: So You Can Reach Us

Of course, you usually need a phone to contact us. However, you may not realize how helpful your smart phone may prove when you are in an urgent situation. Perhaps you have received dental implants have questions. If our phone number is in your contacts list, we’re just a tap away. If you need to visit us, you can quickly pull us up on your map app. You can even request an appointment online without making a single call. It makes keeping your oral health in good shape that much easier.

Reason #2: So You Don’t Miss Appointments

Are you less concerned about what to expect from your oral surgery and more worried that you might forget to show up for your appointment? Remember that your phone is very useful. Keep up with visits by scheduling them into your phone with a reminder alert – that way, you’ll show up for all oral health visits without delay.

Reason #3: To Remember The Details

Looking for a good place to jot down some notes about your upcoming treatments, how to prepare for your oral surgery, or what to prepare for your post-surgery experience? Use the notes app on your phone! You will have your phone on hand, so why not keep the information you need about your oral health close, too?


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