Implants: Questions You May Not Think To Ask

You may be wondering a lot of things to yourself when it comes to choosing dental implants. However, when you arrive at our practice to discuss your oral health and implants, you may find that many of those inquiries that ran together as you thought and thought about your tooth loss suddenly disappear. What you are left with is a set of very general questions – and a sense that you missed your opportunity to receive all of the answers you need. As a result, we encourage you to consider some questions patients would often like to be asking (but don’t necessarily think to bring up) during consultations.

What Is The Success Rate?

For some, this is a scary question because patients want to know that the procedure or treatment they select is likely to do well. Fortunately, dental implants come with a very high success rate, generally around 98 percent. Curious about the details and what promotes either failure or success? Just ask.

Do You Have Any Before And Afters?

We understand that a visual representation of someone suffering from tooth loss who then receives dental implants can be very helpful for patients considering this decision. We are happy to share testimonials with you, as well as “before and afters” to help motivate you in your decision.

How Many Implants Have You Placed?

As you know, we are a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, which means we have placed many dental implants. Please feel free to ask about our education and experience. We are happy to explain the details, so you feel comfortable and confident.


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