A Little Fun With Implants

We have just officially ushered in autumn, which means the coziness of cooler weather and holiday fun are just ahead. To kick off the season, we would like to provide you with a fun way to think about dental implants. Remember that if you have been considering implants for your smile, now is a fantastic time to come in to learn more. We may be able to get your journey started well before the intensity of holiday planning makes its arrival. As for our autumnal fun, let’s spend a moment with mnemonics as we highlight important details of this tooth loss solution by making use of each letter in the word “implant.”


Implant Post. Before you become confused about the way an implant works, try to train yourself into saying, “implant post.” This will remind you that the dental implant is only the post that acts as a replacement for missing roots. Then there’s an abutment and a restoration on top of that.


Months. Remember that receiving dental implants is not something that will take place within just a day or two but something that requires months of an exciting adventure that will result in a complete, beautiful smile.


Protection. Placement of an implant is an act that will prevent the teeth in your smile from moving. As a result, you won’t need to worry about misalignment. Placement will also help protect the health of your jaw tissue.


Long-Lasting. If you’ve ever heard someone mention that a dental implant can last for the rest of your life, this is actually possible.  


Anchored. Remember that your implant is anchored into your jaw. This means exceptional stability for a replacement that seems like a real tooth.


Natural. Your new tooth is going to seem like a real tooth. After you experience a brief adjustment, you will be able to speak and eat like you used to. Your restoration will also look exceptionally lifelike and natural.


Tough. You can eat what you like and act like you’ve got your old smile back without worrying about durability. Treat your replacement as you would your natural teeth.


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