Implants: Am I Too Old Or Too Young?

A very common inquiry we receive from patients has to do with whether they are too young or too old for dental implants. The truth is that there’s not a set-in-stone age span ideal for the placement of this tooth replacement option. However, is it possible to be too young? Yes. Is it possible to be too old? Not exactly. For the specific answers you are looking for, take a moment of your time and allow us to offer additional details. Of course, to find out if you are a candidate, set up a visit with us!

Am I Too Young?

It’s not necessarily the number of years you have been alive that will disqualify you from receiving a dental implant but the fact that along with youth comes developing, growing tissues. If your jawbone is still in the process of growing, it is not a stable place within which we can place an implant. Fortunately, jaw tissue tends to complete its growth cycle by late teens to early twenties. To determine whether you’re a candidate yet (or not), we invite you to come in, so we can monitor your development. We will assist you in achieving your goal of a full smile free of missing teeth.

Am I Too Old?

Nope. You cannot be too old to receive a dental implant. You can, however, suffer from periodontal disease, a deteriorated jawbone, or you may be unfit for surgery. While these issues are commonly associated with a greater number of years on the planet, these are oral health problems that may affect anyone of any age. The good news is that we can work with you to help you address these obstacles, so you can become fit as a candidate.


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