Wisdom Teeth Removal: Aftercare

Are you less concerned about the thought of coming in for wisdom teeth removal and more worried about what the recovery process will be like? We understand that you may feel a bit hesitant because you’re not sure what to expect. The good news is that it’s actually a process you can make comfortable and easy. Just pay close attention to our instructions for aftercare and you’ll soon be free of your third molars and back to business as usual! For a quick rundown, allow us to explain.

You’ll Need A Few Days

You probably won’t be back to work the day after your wisdom teeth removal. It’s best to schedule your surgery, while expecting to take around four days to a week off from your usual daily activities. For teens, this means it’s often a good idea to plan surgery over summer or winter break.

We’ll Help With Pain Relief

It’s entirely possible to remain comfortable after your wisdom teeth removal! We will prescribe medication to ease the discomfort. We will also suggest the age-old remedy for pain and swelling: Plan on placing an ice pack against your cheek for exceptional relief. Of course, you should also remember to rest.

Leave The Extraction Site Alone

We will provide you with specific instructions regarding what you can eat and how to clean your smile during the first few days, so you do not disrupt the blood clot that forms within the socket. By giving this (a natural scabbing process) the opportunity to form, you can avoid a disorder called “dry socket” and instead, promote effective, successful healing!


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