When Friends Ask About Implants

Are you sure about how to respond when a friend asks you about your dental implants? Do you suddenly feel put on the spot because, while you can certainly speak about your experience, you aren’t certain you can offer all of the details your friend is seeking? It’s important to recognize that someone who is interested in addressing tooth loss but who feels confused about how to proceed may have a lot of questions. This person may also feel excited that you seem like someone who might have answers! To help you help your friend, we offer a couple suggestions to ensure you feel you’re doing your best to assist!

Tell Your Story

Many patients are simply looking for some reassurance that it’s a good idea to move ahead in scheduling a dental implant consultation and that the rumors they have heard are not true. While it’s good to remind your friend that all patients go through different experiences due to their unique smiles, you can do your best to offer some simple facts as well as some comfort. Let your friend know about the details of your experience and talk about the benefits. A good way to end the conversation? Tell them about our team, so they can come in and learn about which care plan will work best.

Suggest A Consultation

About that consultation! Your friend might immediately seem grateful and relieved. Or, your friend might still feel hesitant. The best you can do is to let this individual know that the first step toward receiving dental implants is a consultation. You can feel free to offer our contact information. You may also wish to pass along the same thing we tell all of our patients: Discovering and receiving implants is a journey. There’s no pressure to simply learn more and find out about candidacy. It can be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.


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