Implants: What Are You Looking To Achieve?

When you’re looking for a way to replace your missing teeth and you feel that dental implants are the answer to your tooth loss concerns, you may be surprised by your options. Choosing implants isn’t a one-option choice. Instead, you have multiple pathways down which to travel as you replace your teeth and complete your smile. To find out more regarding your tooth loss pattern and your options, we encourage you to take a quick glance at the particulars.

Just One Missing Tooth

If you are just missing one tooth, you have one option if you wish to receive dental implants: You may choose a single crown implant. This means we will place one implant post within the open socket. Then, we will restore that post with a dental crown.

Multiple Teeth Side-by-Side

Perhaps you are missing several teeth all in a row. If so, you have two options.

  • First: You may choose single implants as already explained, replacing one tooth at a time.
  • Second: You may choose an implant-retained dental bridge to restore your missing teeth. We will generally place two implants, which will offer solid support to a modified dental bridge.

Scattered Teeth

Do you have teeth that are missing throughout your arch, though they are not all next to each other? This may be something we can most easily address with the use of dental implants and the placement of a partial denture. You may, of course, also choose to replace these teeth with single implants.

A Complete Arch

You can restore a full arch of teeth with single crown dental implants. Then again, you may wish to receive a full denture that has been modified to fit securely over carefully placed implants for amazing stability.


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