3 Things To Do Before A Visit

When you’re thinking about your upcoming visit with our oral surgeon team, you may be thinking about nearly everything other than the basics. Perhaps you’re distracted with wondering which treatment you might need. Maybe you’ve never seen us before, so you are curious about our practice (it’s comfortable and beautiful!), and the list goes on. In order to ensure you show up ready, relaxed, and ahead of the game, we have a few suggestions that can make your dental visit with us all the easier.

#1: Brush Your Teeth

An important step to remember before your visit with our oral surgeon team is to brush your teeth. It will make you feel better and more confident when we ask you to open your mouth, so we can take a look at how things are going in there. It will ensure your breath is fresh, so you don’t feel embarrassed. It will also, of course, allow us to see what’s going on with your oral health with ease.

#2: Write Down Your Questions

You’re probably full of questions, which is always a very good thing. Whether it’s a little question you almost feel foolish asking or a very serious question that has you worried, we suggest you don’t attempt to remember everything. Instead, make sure you leave your visit feeling like you got all of your questions answered by simply bringing a list with you. Jot ideas down during the days leading up to your appointment.

#3: Complete Patient Forms At Home

Set yourself up for the easiest possible appointment with our oral surgeon team by completing your forms at home instead of waiting to do so at our office. You can walk in, check in, sit down for a brief moment, and then quickly come back for your appointment!


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