Why A Broken Tooth Isn’t Stress-Worthy

To you, a broken tooth might feel like the end of the world. To us, it’s a problem that has a clear solution. The good news is that you don’t need to get to the point where you feel extremely stressed about your damaged tooth. What you do need to do? Come in to see us, discover whether you require a dental extraction, and then realize we’ve got your entire pathway back toward a complete smile all figured out. Learn more, so you can prepare for the best.

Your Dental Extraction Is A Piece Of Cake

Remember that we are oral and maxillofacial surgeons. This means that removing your tooth with a dental extraction is something we have done many times. In general, with just a single visit, we can create a streamlined strategy to swiftly remove the damaged tooth. This is the first step in restoring your oral health, which has been compromised as the result of a severely damaged tooth that can no longer provide its necessary function in your smile. (Of course, if your tooth is salvageable, we may suggest a dental crown).

You’ll Receive A Comprehensive Post-Extraction Care Plan

Assuming the trauma to your broken tooth was severe enough to warrant a dental extraction, you may feel a bit shaken up regarding what will happen next. If you’ve been worried that you’ll be left with a hole in your smile, let that thought go! The next step in your treatment is a post-extraction care plan that includes how we will replace the tooth. Fortunately, we can often remove the tooth and place an implant in just one appointment. Call us if you need help!


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