Q&A: Pregnancy And Oral Surgery

When you are planning a family or when you’re already well on your way toward having a baby, your usual ability to schedule oral surgery at a moment’s notice changes. Protecting the health of your baby takes priority, which can mean dental work takes a back seat or otherwise requires some very thoughtful pre-planning. To help address your concerns about caring for your smile as you bring new life into the world, we provide you with an initial set of questions and answers (that we will be happy to elaborate upon in person).

Questions and Answers

Question: Do you suggest against receiving oral surgery when I’m pregnant?

Answer: Generally speaking, surgery during pregnancy is not recommended. This is to avoid any possible complications. Keep in mind that surgery requires the use of sedatives, which can negatively impact a developing fetus.

Question: What if I know that I need oral surgery before I make plans to start a family? Should I get work done ahead of time or just wait?

Answer: We always provide specific answers to our patients on a case by case basis. In general, however, to limit the chance of problems during pregnancy, we suggest receiving dental care to optimize your oral health before you become pregnant, if possible.

Question: Is it true that I might lose teeth as a result of pregnancy and may then require implants?

Answer: Not exactly! It is common for your shift in hormones to cause your teeth to become loose (or for the shift to promote periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss). However, keeping up with dental visits will ensure you avoid all manner of potential issues.

Protect Your Smile Before, During, And After Pregnancy

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