Is An Oral Surgeon Only For Diseased Smiles?

You may find yourself suddenly wondering if there’s more than one type of person who may require help from an oral surgeon. Is it always the case that a patient need this specialized care due to hygiene-related problems? Is it always about functional issues? Are there other reasons oral surgery becomes necessary? Consider some ways surgery may benefit patients, so you have a stronger understanding.

It Could Be A Dental Disease

You were right if you were thinking you might find yourself seeing an oral surgeon for a dental disease. This may be related to hygiene or function! Hygiene problems that lead to significant damage may require care (such as an implant, jawbone grafting, and more). Functional issues, such as serious problems with TMJ disorder or bruxism, may also result in serious damage that can require repairs!

It Might Be Trauma

Imagine a patient in an accident that leads to facial trauma. Serious damage to one’s teeth, jawbone, and surrounding tissues will require the help of an oral surgeon. These are not injuries that general dentists can address. Instead, issues like fractured bones need serious and detailed attention.

It Could Be Planning

Maybe you are dealing with advanced planning for improving your bite. In some instances, braces alone (and other traditional orthodontics) are not sufficient. Perhaps you have issues with your jaw and require both the help of an orthodontist and an oral surgeon in order to help you cross the finish line of a beautifully aligned smile! This is quite common.

Find Out Why You Need An Oral Surgeon

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