Things You Can Stop Doing: When You Receive Implants!

There are some things that you’ve been doing since you experienced tooth loss that may have become second nature. So much so, that when we ask you about habits that have developed due to missing teeth, it may take you quite a while to come up with them! Good news: When you consider dental implants and restorations from our Rohnert Park, CA team, you look forward to shedding these habits for good. The result? You get back to a simpler experience with your smile, free of worries and frustration! Learn more about how this may positively impact your life.

You Can Stop Planning Your Life Around Your Smile

When you receive dental implants, one thing that you will be able to stop doing? You’ll be able to stop planning your entire life around your smile. When you have open spaces or you have a prosthetic that’s not very stable, you may make your restaurant and meal choices, your social choices, and more all around your smile. With implants, you won’t even have to give your smile or your plans a second thought.

You Can Stop Your Smile-Covering Habits

Our team knows that you may be very used to a habit you picked up once you dealt with tooth loss: It’s called hiding your smile. You might not smile like you used to. Instead, you may try to keep your lips over your teeth, so nobody sees the opening or the device that you have. You may tend to cover your smile with your hand. You may even avoid eating with other people! Once you have dental implants and restorations in place, these habits stop.

You Can Get Back To Feeling 100 Percent About Your Smile

Sure, you may be keeping up with your oral health the best that you can but if you’re missing teeth or you’re consistently worrying that your traditionally supported prosthetic isn’t doing anything for your jaw health, then you may only feel “okay” about your smile health. What you miss is the days of feeling 100 percent fantastic about your grin. When you replace teeth with dental implants, you know that you’ve got your teeth fully replaced, they’re supporting your jaw tissue health, they can last forever, and every time you receive a cleaning and checkup, brush, or floss, you’re dealing with a completely healthy grin that you can keep that way!

Mention Your Interest In Dental Implants To Us

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