Remember These Things Before Your Tooth Extraction

Before you receive a tooth extraction, you may go through a whole host of emotions but you may realize that none of the things passing through your mind are very good. Our Santa Rosa, CA team would love to help change that. We recognize that there can be a bit of disappointment that comes with having to lose a tooth but there are so many good things to remember as you move toward solving the problem! Keep them in mind and let those pessimistic thoughts go and something magical will happen: You’ll start focusing solely on restoring your smile and you’ll feel so much better about the details!

Sedation Makes It So Incredibly Easy

Before your tooth extraction, you may spend some time thinking about what the extraction will be like, even though you’d rather not think about it at all. This really isn’t necessary for multiple reasons. First, there’s no reason to imagine it if it causes you any type of distress! Instead, focus your thoughts elsewhere. Next, we offer dental sedation. This means that you won’t feel anything during your extraction and chances are quite good that once it’s over, you won’t remember the experience either!

You’re Going To Get A New “Tooth”

Of course, the most exciting thing to think about and remember as you approach the day of your dental extraction? Yes, you are going to lose a tooth but you are also going to gain a new one! No, it isn’t going to be a brand new natural tooth. However, it will be quite close! Remember that we offer dental implants and restorations. So, even though you may have to say goodbye to your tooth, you can look forward to planning a dental implant and crown with our team. Once your damaged tooth is removed, you can replace it, and you can feel over-the-moon about your complete smile and prosthetic that will allow you to do everything you used to do (just without damage or disease).

You Just Rescued Your Whole Smile

Rather than thinking about your tooth extraction as losing a damaged tooth, we remind you that it’s much easier and much more inspiring to think of it as saving your entire smile. Particularly for those of you who are not dealing with an issue like serious infection, it can be difficult to recognize that removing a very problematic tooth really is equivalent to protecting and rescuing the entirety of your oral health. However, it’s true! We remind you to keep this in mind and you can feel much more excited about what you have accomplished, rather than focusing on this little bit of tissue that you have lost.

Extract Your Tooth To Save Your Smile

Refresh your perspective in regard to dental extractions when you discover you require the removal of a tooth. The shift will allow you to schedule your extraction, come in, and move ahead with rescuing your smile! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.