What If I Don’t Get The Extraction I Need?

Sometimes in life, when there’s something you really don’t want to do, you consider the associated benefits and then the potential consequences. Even when there are some negative consequences, you may find that you take the gamble and skip out on that particular “thing” that would serve you well because you feel afraid! Though this may not always lead to dire circumstances, when it comes to just deciding you’re not going to follow through on a required dental extraction, it can yield some exceptionally severe results. Let our Santa Rosa, CA team shed light on the details as we also help you feel better!

For A Diseased Or Damaged Tooth

If you don’t get the dental extraction you need for a diseased or damaged tooth, things are not going to end quite as easily as they could have if you’d had the tooth removed and replaced with an implant. There is always a solution for any complication that arises but, in such an instance, we strongly suggest removing the problematic tooth to avoid issues, such as:

  • A diseased tooth can negatively impact your entire mouth if infection has the opportunity to spread
  • An uncomfortable tooth can become a very painful tooth when you choose to ignore its need for removal
  • A damaged tooth will often become even more damaged and can make daily life difficult (eating, speaking, and more)
  • An issue that required just an extraction and tooth replacement can worsen, thereby requiring more care to resolve the additional concerns

For Wisdom Teeth

If you decide that you’re a little too worried about your dental extraction to come in for wisdom teeth removal, then you will be looking at some serious consequences. When third molars are impacted or growing at odd angles, they threaten your oral health. Teeth that aren’t fully erupted can lead to the formation of cysts, can cause infections, and may become very uncomfortable. You may also end up with pressure against existing teeth and associated damage when angled teeth grow in the wrong direction!

For Orthodontic Purposes

If you need orthodontic care for an issue like overcrowding and you’ve been told that the first step is dental extractions for some of your teeth, you might be second guessing your plans. Remember that over time, poorly aligned teeth will likely deal with problems. This is because they’re very difficult to keep as clean as aligned teeth and because they contribute to problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder. So, we remind patients that removing teeth and moving ahead with braces can offer one’s smile excellent protection.

Receive Your Required Extraction

Say yes to the dental extraction you require, so you can remain on a pathway toward a healthy smile, rather than putting yourself on a pathway toward smile problems. Learn everything you need to know from our team! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.