What Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps You Avoid

Wisdom teeth: Almost everybody develops them, most people aren’t sure what to do about them, and it’s extremely common for one to need them removed! With that said, there may be a part of you that’s wondering why? Can’t you just ignore them, assume things are fine, hope for the best, and get on with your life? Well, that all depends on how your third molars develop! If they’re impacted or growing on a not-so-beneficial angle, removal is best. Allow our Santa Rosa, CA team to help you understand the stuff you get to avoid when you say goodbye to these (totally unnecessary) teeth.


We remind you that when you have a tooth that’s either impacted or that is not growing in correctly, it’s very likely to cause pain. This may include immediate pain within the area right around that tooth. Or, it may radiate, leading to issues like headaches. Of course, choosing wisdom teeth removal will let you avoid this issue!


Patients often forget that ignoring wisdom teeth that have become impacted means that there are complications waiting in the wings. Over time, the presence of these third molars may lead to the development of cysts and can even lead to infection in tissue that surrounds them. Beyond the discomfort associated with such complications is the fact that this is simply bad news for nearby tissues and teeth and can lead to a need for even more intensive care to address all concerns.

Damage To Other Teeth

Remember that if you have a wisdom tooth that is pressing on a neighboring tooth, this can lead to physical damage to an otherwise perfectly healthy structure. One very good reason to remove problematic wisdom teeth (which are not necessary) is that this offers protection to your necessary teeth that you need to strive to preserve for life!


Let’s quickly address wisdom teeth that grow in part of the way but that aren’t fully erupted and that are very difficult to reach (and, of course, thoroughly cleanse): They’re susceptible to bacteria and decay, like any other dental tissue. Removing said teeth with wisdom teeth removal, though, will let you avoid decay of hard-to-reach teeth!


Think about what happens when crooked wisdom teeth begin to grow in and press on essential, otherwise healthy teeth. It can be enough force to alter your smile’s alignment, which is not a complication you want to deal with. Skip it altogether, when you opt for wisdom teeth extractions!

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal With Urgency

Don’t delay, when you discover you have a wisdom tooth that requires removal in order to protect your oral health. Remember that you can avoid a long list of side effects by addressing problematic third molars. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.