How Extracting Wisdom Teeth Improves Your Oral Health

There are many reasons why people worry about their wisdom teeth, even if they haven’t started to hurt yet. Most people recognized wisdom teeth as some of the most frequently problematic types of teeth, due mainly to the fact that they can so often become impacted. Unlike many other oral health concerns that may have several different options for addressing them, impacted wisdom teeth typically only have one solution – to surgically extract them as soon as possible. Today, we take a look at how extracting wisdom teeth improves your oral health, and can even help you avoid many problems if you extract them early enough.

It helps alleviate the intense pain

When wisdom teeth become impacted, one of the most prominent symptoms is the intense discomfort that it can cause in the surrounding bone and oral structures. Despite the fact that the tooth structure is impeded and can’t erupt properly, it will still continue growing and trying to erupt. The force of this growth and development will increasingly put pressure on the jawbone and surrounding teeth, and the pain will grow worse until you remove the offending molars. While each case of wisdom tooth impaction is different, surgically extracting the impacted wisdom tooth is typically the best solution.

It saves your other teeth from being compromised

The discomfort that tooth impaction causes is an indication of the damage that it can also cause to your oral structures, including the teeth that are nearby. The force of an impacted wisdom tooth continuing to grow at an angle, or horizontally, can cause the molar to push against the tooth closes to it. The greater the force, the more damage the tooth can sustain, and the higher the risk of experiencing even more severe oral health complications.

It makes it easier to restore your smile

The sooner you extract one or more impacted wisdom teeth, the more you can prevent the consequences that the impaction can lead to. If damage does occur, you can minimize it by seeking wisdom tooth extraction as soon as you notice trouble. Minimizing damage to your oral structures and other teeth will help minimize any necessary treatments to restore your smile, which may include further oral surgery in severe cases.

Learn about wisdom tooth extraction

Impacted wisdom teeth can wreak havoc with your oral health, and the only way to save it may be to remove the molars as soon as possible. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.