Month: September 2015

Implants: Test Your Knowledge

Are you a patient who has begun the exciting process of learning about tooth replacement options? If so, chances are good that you will find yourself extremely interested in implants as a result of their many benefits. Already somewhat familiar with the advantages of dental implants but you aren’t quite sure how much more there… Read more »

Sports Injuries: Addressing Trauma

As you prepare to participate in your favorite sport, the last thing on your mind may be protecting your smile and avoiding injuries. You’re most likely more focused on prepping your strategy for the game and making sure your muscles are stretched and ready to go. Of course, a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring may… Read more »

Oral Pathology 101

Discovering that something has changed in your mouth can cause a pang of panic. Whether you notice a bump, lump, or other change, we strongly encourage you to schedule an oral pathology visit with us. Even if you are experiencing no discomfort, sudden symptoms may point to a treatable problem that – when detected early… Read more »