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Oral Surgery Post-Op Meds: Things To Consider

After you undergo oral surgery, you (like many patients) may return home with a prescription for strong pain reliever that are specifically suggested for patients who have received treatments like jaw surgery. This is, of course, something that gives you the security you need, knowing you will be able to remain completely comfortable following your surgery…. Read more »

Attention: It’s National Facial Protection Month!

When April rolls around, you might not immediately remember that it’s National Facial Protection Month. After all, there’s a lot else going on during this fourth month of the year, what with dying eggs, getting ready to indulge in chocolate bunnies, and more. Fortunately, we are here to remind you that it’s in your best… Read more »

Bone Grafting: Questions About Aftercare

The benefits of bone grafting are many! This is a particularly necessary treatment if you are someone planning to receive dental implants (but your jawbone isn’t ready). While the advantages are likely enough to motivate you to schedule the procedure, you may find that you’d feel even better about things if you had some details… Read more »

Why You Should Come In

We know that you might not feel very excited to come in to see us if you need oral surgery. However, we strongly encourage you to do so (particularly if your dentist has made the recommendation). To help you feel a bit more motivated to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, we love… Read more »

3 Things That Are Normal After Oral Surgery

One of the most challenging aspects of going home after oral surgery is the fact that you are a patient, not an oral surgeon. As a result, you may find that you have trouble deciding whether something you notice is just a normal part of the recovery process or if it’s a reason to become… Read more »

Why Your Front Teeth Don’t Touch (And What To Do)

If you have gone through life with back teeth that touch but front teeth that cannot come in contact with one another, you may be dealing with a malocclusion known as an open bite. The severity of the opening between your top and bottom anterior teeth can vary. As a result, you may find that… Read more »

Happy Holidays (And Don’t Forget About Your Smile)!

We wouldn’t be an oral surgery practice, of course, if we could make it through a single sentence without reminding you about your smile. While the upcoming holiday weekend is going to be chock full of surprises and fun, we would like to help offer the slightest morsel of a recommendation: Take a little bit… Read more »

Bring Us Your Severe Smile Concerns

We have heard far too many times from patients that want help for their smiles but feel too embarrassed (or assume their oral health is too bad for care). To these worries, we always respond in the same way. We explain that from our technical standpoint as oral surgeons, we see a project that requires the appropriate treatment,… Read more »

Giving Yourself The Gift Of Oral Surgery

Are you happy to gather up tons of goodies for everyone in your life that you love (but you haven’t gone out of your way to give yourself the one gift you truly want this year: A healthy smile)? If this resonates with you, we certainly aren’t going to steer you away from spreading joy… Read more »

Bone Grafting Q&A: Am I Ready?

If you are an individual who is hoping to improve your candidacy for dental implants, you may first require bone grafting. This is something that occurs when a patient’s jawbone is deficient in some way, such as in width or volume. As a result, the jaw is not immediately prepared to support the placement of… Read more »