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Oral Health Concerns that May Need Surgery

Unlike routine general dental care, not everyone will need oral surgery to repair or rebuild their smiles. However, the need for oral surgery is common for certain types of severe oral health concerns, particularly those that cannot be successfully addressed with general or restorative dental procedures. Today, we examine a few oral health concerns that… Read more »

When Oral Surgery May Be the Solution

Though not everyone will need oral surgery in their lives, there are several different reasons why you might. For some people, a chronic oral health condition can progress so severely that general dental care can no longer address it. For others, a congenital or other nonpreventable condition may be significantly impacting their oral health, and… Read more »

How Surgery Helps In These Oral Health Situations

Not every oral health complication can be addressed with general or restorative dentistry treatments. Though not everyone will need oral surgery in their lifetime, the need for it can have serious implications for your oral health, especially if you hesitate too long to seek treatment. Today, we take a look at a few conditions that… Read more »

Will You Need Oral Surgery for That?

When you fail to keep up with general dental care, you can expose your oral health to common issues like a tooth decaying or your gums becoming diseased. Most common issues can also be addressed by your general dentist during your next checkup or other subsequent visit, even if it reaches a severe stage. However,… Read more »

A Few Concerns You Can Treat, but Not Control

When it comes to safeguarding your smile and oral health, it can seem like the control is the name of the game. In many ways, it is. Preventing common concerns like tooth decay or gum disease means taking control of your hygiene and preventing the excess buildup of oral bacteria. However, not all oral health… Read more »

How Can Oral Surgery Improve Bite Function?

There are several instances that, if your oral health is ever faced with, can require more than routine dental care to address. Some of these involve the long-term health of your teeth and oral tissues, while others may have a bigger impact on your bite’s ability to function properly. In addition to preserving your teeth… Read more »

3 Times When Oral Surgery Is the Answer

The idea behind keeping up with good hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly is to prevent, or at least minimize, issues that can compromise your good oral health. When prevention fails, the right general or restorative dental treatment may help you address whatever issue arises. However, in some cases, you may experience an issue with… Read more »

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Bone Grafting: Prepare Your Jaw for Implants

Have you been excitedly reading up on dental implants and the advantages they may offer you? If you answer, “yes” to this question and also suffer from jawbone deterioration, you may feel a bit hesitant to schedule an appointment to discuss choosing implants to replace your missing teeth. Patients often worry a consultation will prove… Read more »

Questions About Bone Grafting

Jawbone grafting describes a variety of surgical techniques designed to strengthen the upper and/or lower jawbone, often in preparation for dental implant placement. By adding density and volume to the bone, your jaw can better support the implant posts and the restoration attached to them. However, bone grafting does more than prepare your jaw for… Read more »