Digital Imagery Offers Oral Surgery With Precision

santa rosa digital xraysWe offer oral surgery to help smiles of all ages in our community, from pediatric patients to adults and seniors. In addition to technology like sedation to keep you comfortable, we also offer advanced technology as part of the planning process. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons explain how we use digital x-rays and more to plan treatment with precision, so you can enjoy optimal care and results, leaving our practice with a better smile and ready to continue treatment with your general dentist or orthodontist as needed.

The Treatments We Offer Patients

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to oral surgery, helping patients of all ages enjoy better bite function and oral health, while also taking care to protect facial esthetics too. We can provide treatment for facial trauma and jaw surgery to improve bite balance too. We can remove malformed teeth, replace missing teeth with dental implants, bracketing impacted teeth, and even rebuild weakened portions of your smile with jawbone grafting and sinus lifts. But no matter the procedure, no matter how minor or complex, we will plan and guide the process with the use of advanced imagery, so we can offer this improvement with precision and accuracy.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-rays are panoramic, and showcase the entirety of your smile in a single image, including the upper and lower jaw, roots, and certain oral structures and teeth. The technology doesn’t need to develop in harsh chemicals so they’re available instantly chairside. We can identify the position of your teeth to plan treatments, and we don’t need to use bitewings at all. The system also uses a fraction of the radiation that traditional systems require. You simply place your chin on a special chin rest and a machine encircles your head to capture these images in seconds. We can even walk you through the diagnostic process so you better understand the extent of your smile and the care you need!

CBCT Imaging

We also use cone-beam computed tomography (iCAT) to create incredibly detailed 3D images of your head and mouth. We assess the position of the teeth requiring removal, and plan dental implant placement in detail. Our team can also identify the position of blood vessels, nerve tissues, and sinus cavities, so we can avoid them during the treatment process. The technology uses far less radiation than a traditional medical CT scan. We also use the technology to assess the jawbone strength before grafting or sinus lift procedures. Our team can then conduct oral surgery with precision and accuracy!

Working With Others

Not only does advanced imagery allow us to plan and implement treatment with precision, but we can also make working with specialists or your general dentist or orthodontist a much easier process too. These images are stored in our files as part of your dental record, and we can easily print them or send them to other specialists and dental professionals as needed. We can enlarge them and focus on specific areas to plan the treatment and offer a more accurate diagnosis. Often, we work alongside general dentists and orthodontists, who will pick up your care once we complete the surgical portions, and being able to share records quickly and easily makes the process more convenient for our patients.

Getting Started

Do you have a minor or advanced surgical concern that needs treatment? Then don’t delay! Even if you’ve lived with issues like tooth loss for several years, you’re not too late to obtain an attractive and functional smile. Simply give us a call to schedule a consultation, so we can talk to you about concerns, review your medical and dental history, and create a treatment plan to offer optimal results. We will also gather digital images as part of this process, so you know your treatment will be conducted with precision and accuracy.

If you have any questions about how we approach oral surgery, or about the benefits of the digital x-rays and CBCT imagery we use, then contact our team today to learn more. You deserve optimal oral health and an attractive smile, and we can make that possible.

Do You Have Questions About Improving Your Smile?

Our team wants to help improve the function, health, and beauty of your smile with digital x-rays and CBCT imagery, so you can smile with confidence once again. If you would like to learn more about how we implement advanced technology as part of our approach to treatment, then contact your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons by calling 707-545-4625.