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Scheduling Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have recently been informed that your child requires wisdom teeth removal, you know that scheduling an appointment is extremely important. However, the urgency of that need does not necessarily make choosing a date and working around your (and your child’s) busy calendar any easier. Allow us to offer a very helpful suggestion: Schedule… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Quiz: True Or False?

How much do you know about evaluating your wisdom teeth? Do you know what comprises a healthy set of teeth that can remain in your smile – or what types of concerns cause us to suggest wisdom teeth removal? If not, we always recommend that you stop in to see us for a scheduled visit. We… Read more »

Does My Child Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you received an announcement in the mail, letting you know that your child’s wisdom teeth were on their way? If only life were so easy. However, the good news is that we are here to help with all things third molars when it comes to protecting your child’s smile. Perhaps… Read more »

Your Wisdom Tooth Consultation

Are you wondering if you are you need of wisdom tooth removal? Fortunately, finding out whether you have wisdom teeth, if they’re developing well or may present a problem, and whether you may require their removal is all quite easy to accomplish. You simply need to schedule a wisdom tooth consultation with us to find… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Removal For Your Child

You may be surprised to learn that in most cases, the earlier you schedule wisdom teeth removal for your child, the better. While you may have trouble believing your teen is even old enough to be developing third molars, you may find yourself caught off-guard at the idea of setting up a time for oral… Read more »

Reasons We Suggest Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may feel pretty certain that third molars are teeth that erupt when your teen years are behind you. You may also feel quite sure that most people you know have undergone wisdom teeth removal to promote oral health. However, you may not know much more about these teeth or why they are so commonly… Read more »

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, often require removal once we enter adulthood. What are wisdom teeth? What dangers do they pose to our smile? Our team can help you preserve the health and beauty of your smile by extracting your third molars before they erupt.